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Exterior of Modern Suburban House


Strength & Performance

Rafzan's civil and structural engineering clients develop, plan and construct various types of projects. Working together with our clients, we have delivered great results for residential buildings, commercial, land development and subdivision works.

Our civil and structural engineers bring knowledge and experience to each of our clients projects – successfully integrating design, construction, infrastructure, and the environment. 



Environmentally Friendly

Development regardless of its size, will have an impact on the surrounding environment and hydrology. It is our job as engineers to provide water and environmental management solutions to minimise that impact


We understand that sorting through council's approval process is tough for most projects, costing time, money, and stress. Rafeletos Zanuttini has over 40 years in house experience establishing relationships with many councils and can help streamline the process.

Garden Soil


Professionally Tested

Geotechnical engineering relies on the testing of materials to determine chemical properties. At Rafzan we have a laboratory specially designed for the testing and analysis of soil. Here at Rafzan we offer soil testing for pollutants, absorption, salinity, and shrinkage.


Additionally we also conduct reports for Virgin Excavated Material VENM and Excavated Natural Material ENM classification in accordance with the EPA 

Business Growth


Eco-friendly & Designed To Last

At Rafzan, our approach to sustainable design across multiple projects incorporates core design principles that focus on; effective design, reduced environmental impact, reduced capital and operational cost. These core principles create a sustainable strategy to be implemented for an improved experience and value to the client.

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