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Qualifications and Memberships

We’re proud to say that we’ve been recognized            for our hard work in the field of engineering. This section highlights the certificates we’ve                     obtained as well as the awards we’ve earned for the great quality of our work and                       results. Please check them out below.

Member of the building Professionals Board


Directors are Accredited certifiers in New South Wales under the Building Professionals Act 2005:

C1- Private Road & Drainage Design Compliance

C2-Private Road & Drainage Construction Compliance

C3- Stormwater Management Facilities Design Compliance

C4- Stormwater Management Facilities Construction Compliance

C6- Subdivision Road & Drainage Construction Compliance

C7- Structural Engineering Compliance

C12- Geotechnical Engineering Compliance

C15- Stormwater Compliance

C16- Speciality Hydraulic Services Compliance

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