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5 Tips for Low Cost Building

So you have decided to build. Congratulations on this exciting new path you are about to take. Building is a wonderful experience creating something from nothing ! But as with all things are a few obstacles and hoops that you have to jump through or over in order to create what isn't there. With these 15 Construction Tips we will help you get on your way to overcoming obstacles that will cost you time and money.

1. Don't touch ANYTHING BEFORE YOU FIRST PLAN AHEAD ! This is the most important factor, you don't want to be spending time and money needlessly only for council to say "tear it down its wrong" or "that doesn't conform to blah blah blah standards". Instead gain advice from a qualified builder or if this is your own personal project ask council and other professionals around you for advice.

2. COMPARE! COMPARE! COMPARE! In case it wasn't obvious you really should compare. Before purchasing building materials make sure you compare quality and price because I can assure you that nine times out of ten the material you choose can always be bought somewhere else at a cheaper price. Many builders have made this mistake of choosing a $50sqm tile that they could have bought for $25sqm down the road, errors like this can lead to blown out budgets and losses when it comes to selling.

3. Consider buying multiple properties. When buying multiple properties from a builder you can be guaranteed on lowering your building cost as your negotiating power increases. If you cannot afford to purchase more than one property by yourself consider getting your friends or family to join you, this is advantageous for both you and them.

4. Consider your soil material. By identifying the classification of material you can potentially save yourself tens of thousands. When soil is classified as a S instead of a H this means that the soil is stable which is great news for you! This means that your building requires less material for structural stability, saving you money. Rafzan offers Soil Classification and Testing should you need our service please contact us.

5. Stay away from problem properties. Properties that have issues can either make or break the bank. Building on properties such as a hillside will cost more to build than flat land and therefor should be considered when purchasing. However if you are able to snap up a deal, whilst knowing exactly how much you need to put into construction you can definitely make some serious bank.

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