How to pour a Concrete Slab

Pouring a concrete slab is crucial in the construction of a strong durable slab. A concrete slab keeps the structure off the ground which reduces the transfer of moisture from the ground onto any material the structure uses, preventing mold and rot. Several steps must be undertaken in the pouring of a slab: 1. Planning Required materials and necessary tools are prepared and delivered to construction site. 2. Prepare Construction Site Specify the size of the slab and remove an

Structural Repair using Gunite

Gunite is the most effective process for structural repairing of large scale concrete works which have been damaged due to inferior workmanship, impact damage, ect. Gunite provides a quick fix concreting while providing a impervious layer. It is a mixture of cement and sand in the proportion of 1:3. A cement gun is used to distribute the mixture onto the concrete structure using a pressure of 2-3 kg/cm2. Prior to Gunite the concrete structure surface is to be cleaned and was