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Your Guide To A Childproof Kitchen

Key Tips in keeping your kitchen safe for children

  1. Ensure wires, cords and plugs on all of your appliances are not damaged, cut or frayed and items such as coffee machines, microwaves, toasters, ect are in working order.

  2. Hide extension cords as this can cause your child to trip and fall, and never use extension cords in areas where there is water nearby as this avoids electric shock from the electricity surge in the water.

  3. Throw out damaged appliances. It is not worth the risk to your child to save a few dollars, appliances are inexpensive these days so it is recommended you purchase a new one.

  4. Monitor your stove, turn off burners and make sure you have your child in another room so they do not knock anything hot or burn their hand on the stove.

  5. Childproof locking is key ! lock all cabinets with sharp objects, medicines and cleaning supplies.

  6. Clean spills immediately. Avoids slipping, and falling on wet floors

  7. Clear walking areas of toys

  8. Store cleaning supplies away in a safe place with a latch

  9. Keep matches away in a high place where children cannot reach

  10. Ensure you have an easily accessible fire extinguisher near-by for emergencies

  11. The most common injury in the kitchen is Scalding. Show care when lifting heavy pots and pans, and turn handles away from the stove.

  12. Keep knives up high away from children's reach.

  13. Be careful of sharp objects around the kitchen: corners of benches, scissors, broken glass, knives, ect.

child safe kitchen

There you have it your guide to a childproof kitchen.

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