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Can I Build a Granny Flat

The process of building a granny flat is a rigorous process where-by engineering consultants, builders and council must be engaged before the approval of a granny flat can be granted.

In 2009, the NSW Goverment introduced The Affordable Rental Housing SEPP to encourage the building of granny flats as a form of affordable housing to the community. This was to encourage investors both large and small to create a dual income by providing a second rental income by providing dual housing.

Provided is a summary of key approval criteria in the determination of granny flat approval on your block of land:

Additional considerations:

- Distance to large trees surrounding proposed granny flat

- Slope of property

- Building over or near a main sewer line

- Is the property flood, bushfire, or heritage affected

If the property does not comply with some of the criteria of the SEPP. A development application can be made to your local council for approval.

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