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Structural Design and Consulting for Residential Buildings

The role of a Structural Engineer is to advise on matters relating to the design and construction of structures that support loading. They are qualified professionals who calculate loads, provide designs, and have a comprehensive knowledge of materials and the way they act in the surrounding environment. Thus they are highly regarded and required in the construction industry by builder, developers and council as professional advisers.

Rafeletos Zanuttini provide structural engineering plans, designs, and advice on material strength, specification of steel, reinforced concrete, timber, and masonry suitable for your specific structure. Rafeleos Zanuttini work together with the building team of builders, owners, and architects to give a flawless finish to your building. We provide design, inspections, liaising with council, consulting with owners and builders so that the whole construction process is fluid for our clients.

To get in contact with us Please call (02) 9554 9311 or email

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