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VENM and ENM Waste Classification

VENM and ENM are more than simple waste classification, these are classifications made to determine if soil is suitable for reuse. According to the EPA all soil stockpiles for the purpose of re-use as fill must be classified as either VENM or ENM in order to me transported and used as fill.

What each of these classifications mean

VENM (Virgin Excavated Natural Material) is soil that is undisturbed, and found to be uncontaminated and a chemically stable soil unlike acid sulfate soil. Disturbances of this material or contamination from previous use, does not allow for the classification of VENM. Should soil show signs of disturbance such as mixing or contamination of manufactured chemicals or residues present, then there is the option of ENM (Excavated Natural Material) classification. ENM exemption allows for the reuse of disturbed or minor contaminated material. ENM classification requires that the material undergo extensive chemical, visual, and physical assessment of contaminated within the soil. After assessing the soil and comparing results as to that of the required maximum level of pollutants set out by the EPA, a judgement of ENM or Waste classification can be made.

After Classifying your soil

Classifying soil as After having your soil tested and classified as ENM you will be given by the generator as specified in the Excavated natural materials order 2014. 1. A written statement of compliance, certifying that the excavated natural material complies with the conditions of the excavated natural material order 2014 2. Copies of all test results 3. A copy of the excavated natural material exemption 2014, or a link to the EPA website where the ENM exemption can be found. Note: Generators must keep a record for 6 years after issuing a statement of compliance.

What if I don't Classify my soil ?

If soil is not classified and is found to be re-used at another site significant penalties will apply to offenders often costing tens of thousands of dollars in fines and rectification. Additionally According to the EPA "Under the POEO Act, it is an offence to supply false or misleading information to another person, including information about the type, classification, characteristics, composition or quantity of a waste." If you would like more information or to request a soil classification report please Contact Us Resources: EPA

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